World Water Day 2020

Managing water is a growing concern in communities across the US. Many of the states that have projected population growth increases also have higher per capita water use and can expect increased competition for water resources. Forty states expect to have water shortages over the next ten years that are not related to drought, while climate change risk assessment work conducted by Lynker for the State of Colorado and FEMA indicates we will be having longer and harder droughts in Colorado, with profound impacts on sectors of the Colorado economy.

Guaranteed access to clean water is critical in times such as these, where we need it to maintain health services and to sustain our food supply and other sectors of the economy. World Water Day 2020 is Sunday, March 22nd. This year’s theme is Water & Climate Change and how they’re connected. At Lynker our water resource scientists and engineers collaborate closely with our risk assessment and planning team to understand and develop planning tools that help plan for an uncertain future. We are committed to providing data, decision support tools and consulting advice on how local, state and federal agencies can manage this vulnerable resource more effectively and sustainably, now and into the future. In the current coronavirus outbreak situation, Lynker is more committed than ever to our Water Resources Planning mission. Lynker will continue to work hard and adapt to the new circumstances we all find ourselves in to provide our clients the actionable water intelligence they need to make smart decisions while conducting their mission in this ever-changing environment.