Lynker provides a variety of environmental assessment, restoration services, and environmental litigation support for public and private entities, including businesses, nongovernmental organizations, and local governments, and work with these entities to secure funding for restoration projects along the Gulf Coast and other locations.

We provide natural resource damage assessment (NRDA) and restoration planning services to potential responsible parties, federal, tribal and state natural resource trustees, and stakeholders proposing projects for NRDA funding. We have experience with a variety of environmental policy matters including environmental assessment and compliance. With this background, Lynker is able to provide services across a range of issues relating to assessments, policy planning, program implementation, permitting and compliance, and grant funding.

Water Rights and Expert Witness Support

Lynker provides litigation support in a variety of water rights proceedings including historical consumptive use analysis, evaluation of surface water/groundwater interactions, groundwater modeling, conjunctive administration of surface water and groundwater rights, stream depletion analysis, development of protective terms and conditions, settlement negotiations, and expert testimony.

Coastal Restoration

Lynker has experts in sediment transport and coastal geomorphology, who have analyzed issues related to coastal change and coastal restoration from the coast of Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico. Our team understands the pressures on our coasts from rising sea levels, nutrient impacts, and coastal development. In addition, we keep abreast of recent research on coastal restoration techniques that can maintain productive coastal ecosystems and ecosystem services.

Natural Resources Damage Assessment (NRDA)

The Lynker team brings extensive experience with natural resource damage assessments, which seek to quantify the environmental impacts of hazardous materials released to the environment, so that the public can be compensated for these injuries to fund environmental restoration. Our scientists have supported natural resource damage assessment (NRDA) activities related to mine sites, oil spills, and industrial facilities across the United States, supporting state, federal and tribal governments to secure settlements from responsible parties. We are well-versed in NRDA techniques related to surface water, groundwater, soil, and coastal wetland injuries, and we develop innovative, legally defensible analyses to estimate monetary damages to support litigation.

Environmental Litigation Support

Lynker staff have served as experts on environmental cases ranging from small Clean Water Act claims to large Natural Resource Damage Assessments like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Lynker staff work closely with attorneys to build strong environmental cases based on comprehensive analysis of all available data. We serve legal clients throughout the litigation process, from helping to identify and fill data gaps, to preparing expert and rebuttal reports, to providing deposition testimony. We have helped our Federal and State clients secure environmental settlements ranging from $10 million to over $15 billion.