Lynker’s Sustainable Pacific Program is an innovative solution to the problem of how non-profits and non-government agencies find great people and support – and make the most of their often limited resources. Started in Hawaii and the U.S. Insular Pacific, we are an integral part of the marine, coastal, and ocean conservation community.

Lynker’s SPP provides the “elastic capacity” to these resource-limited partners and more rapid access to experienced professionals who can help them achieve their goals and objectives – in some cases at no direct cost to those organizations. This approach to giving back to the community we serve in so many ways differs greatly from consulting-as-usual.

We understand active sustainability of our coastal, nearshore, and marine resources requires not only support from Federal agencies such as NOAA, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Park Service, but also the participation and commitment from local communities who work hard to restore fishponds, keep the shoreline safe and clean, develop partnerships with fishermen and other resource users, and revitalize the indigenous capacity for, and interest in, managing natural resources. These organizations often lack the technical and administrative expertise of a federal agency or large national non-profit, or the time to develop and manage large grants.

Our bench is deep and wide with marine, coastal, and ocean expertise and experience. We have the flexibility to deploy individuals or teams quickly to meet mundane or unique partner needs, including:

    • Human resources – resource recruitment, payroll, benefits, etc.
    • Proposal submission and post-award administration project planning and development
    • Proposal writing and review
    • EIS/EA development
    • Surveys and other social science needs
    • Meeting facilitation
    • Graphic design
    • Web and social media design, implementation, hosting, and maintenance
    • Subject matter expert strategic planning, mentoring, and mission alignment
    • Volunteer coordination, communication
    • K-12 outreach and education
    • Networking and synergies with other organization with similar goals and objectives

Lynker continues to deepen our relationships with Federal, state and local government agencies; academia; non-profits; and non-government agencies in pursuit of natural resource conservation, preservation, and stewardship goals, identifying the most common needs of partner organizations, and refining our basic partnering model.

We encourage you to explore the rest of Lynker’s website and to reach out to our SPP staff, Dr. Christopher Hawkins,, Lynker’s Vice-president for Marine, Ocean, and Coastal Science and Information Group, to start a dialogue about how we can help you.