Legacy System Modernization Framework Called Prospectus

Using IT best practices and processes we help our clients identify areas where improvements and efficiencies will have the biggest impact. With the latest tools and training our staff provides technically sound and cost effective solutions in I.T. resources management, and business process improvement.

Are you looking to:

Improve efficiency and maintainability?

By re-aligning your business objectives and project goals, we can find opportunities to restructure applications and reduce unused code.

Reduce redundancy and unnecessary complexity?

Older applications often overlap in functionality. By consolidating functionality, we can  reduce the risk associated with code complexity and simplify your maintenance needs.

Save budget by preserve reusable assets and components?

By extracting business processes from current applications we can help you reuse functionality that is working while evolving software solutions to new technologies and platforms.

We tailor each PROSPECTUS to individual project needs. Each legacy system’s set of tools, architecture, and code is unique. To modernize your system, your tailored project PROSPECTUS may include:

  • “As-is” to “To-be” roadmapping
  • Business process integration
  • Legacy system consolidation
  • Code Conversion, Refactoring, and Remediation
  • Platform Migration
  • System Security Modernization

Why Frameworks?

Lynker frameworks are built on industry best practices providing a stable and scalable project pathway tailored to your individual project needs. Rather than starting from scratch each time, our frameworks provide the tools for rapid ramp-up, saving you time and money. Each framework provides lower risk service delivery by incorporating real-world lessons learned from other projects. Our frameworks are how we deliver rapid ROI. We have saved our clients millions and improved the systems they rely on.

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