Lynker has extensive experience providing tiered support for the federal government for critical systems.

We leverage our institutional knowledge and system familiarity to apply lessons learned to current and future projects. We successfully develop working relationships with IT staff at Federal Agencies, increasing our efficiency and collaboration. Our team works with our clients to ensure good automated monitoring of system performance, and make recommendations for performance improvement and improved coverage of monitoring tools. We tailor the enterprise monitoring plan to meet the data effort specific requirements for availability and response-time, SLAs, and technology specific instrumentation.

At the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, our team proactively monitors the health of mission critical databases and web services to identify areas that may become problems, which may include monitoring areas such as SGA size, database invalid objects, database chained objects, sort and table scan statistics, tablespace usage, and alert errors.

At the National Science Foundation, our team maintains the servers and web infrastructure for several public facing data distribution applications, 24×7, critical for data distribution for NSF’s many stakeholders.