Lynker follows foundational data management practices in the The Data Management Body of Knowledge (DAMA-DMBOK Guide).

During requirements definition, our data experts take a data-centric approach by defining the shared data-based goals and objectives to drive the development effort with a focus on organization-wide data usage and reuse. We work with stakeholders to help define how data will be collected, stored, modeled, used, processed, distributed, integrated and managed by different stakeholders and IT systems. Lynker develops a deep understanding of the full lifecycle of the data, which enables us to design and develop data frameworks and formats that provide stakeholders with the greatest flexibility.

Our team has expertise across the geospatial analytics domain including satellite image processing, 3D analysis, forecast models, multi-decision criteria analysis and more.  Our data scientists at NOAA process vast amounts of data, converting it into actionable information on fish migrations, ocean temperatures, and flood risks.

Lynker provides Information Analytics and Processing for the National Science Foundation (NSF), in support of the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES).  Our team develops and maintains the systems that provide analysis, and dissemination of statistical data. To support their mission, Lynker provides database maintenance, ETL development, data quality verification, and visualization, analysis, and governance.