Lynker modernizes traditional architectures to address common data exploration limitations.

Whether on premise, cloud, or hybrid Lynker’s data analysis framework scales to meet your required solution. Our big data engineers and visual analysts work with your data stores to turn massive volumes of structured and unstructured data into actionable and insightful information. Our framework enhances database and data handling security while reducing the associated maintenance time and costs.

Highlights of Lynker’s Database Architecture approach include:

  • Big data architectures to support large data volumes, computationally intensive analytics, and scalable solutions.
  • Reliable, automated data pipelines that ensure data integrity, accuracy, and consistency.
  • Data transformation, analytic modeling, and insight delivery.
  • Secure data through implementation of security controls including data access authorization, at rest and in transit data protection, and mobile and web-app user authentication.
  • Geospatial intelligence with GIS platforms like ESRI and Qlik.
  • Cluster planning and ingress with disaster recovery planning and load balancing.