Lynker develops and supports state-of-the-art techniques for assimilation of data from many sources, from satellite imagery to socio-economic population surveys to buoy sensors on the open ocean.

Lynker routinely implements a variety of internal and open-source data processing tools to streamline data development and quality control procedures for each project application. We have a proven record of collecting, organizing, editing, and evaluating large amounts of data and fully understand the requirements involved with data collection. Our team of technical experts can understand and interpret the information and note any apparent discrepancies and has the ability to explain the results to a wide audience in the manner that is commensurate with each project. Our integrated ISO data quality assurance activities streamline the data conversion, validation, packaging, and distribution processes delivering high quality data and metadata on which various Lynker customers and stakeholders across the US and indeed around the world depend.

We’ve used our established processes to:

  • Provide an integrated data dissemination system solution to the National Science Foundation with data center infrastructure management, legacy data system maintenance, and application modernization development
  • Oceanic data is formatted, processed, and verified by Lynker developers and charted by cartographers using Esri cartographic products. We create tools to process and format the data, perform quality control and evaluation of the oceanographic data, ensuring that it meets the strict requirements for Nautical Charting systems data as defined by NOAA and the International Hydrographic Organization.
  • Develop and support state-of-the-art techniques for assimilation of hydrometeorological and water quality observations into hydrologic, ecosystem, and environmental quality models.