Low-risk Agile IT program and project management relies on repeatable, scalable processes. At Lynker, we have perfected our technology service delivery through our CMMI-DEV Lvl3 certified framework.

Project Managers have used our processes to provide quality management to more than 80 concurrent task orders on a single contract.

Across all of our contracts, we use these processes to implement:

  • Project governance ensuring accountability
  • CMMI best practice implementation
  • Schedule and milestone adherence to manage slippage
  • Delivery support to manage quality
  • Risk management through transparency
  • Personnel recruitment and retention

What are the benefits of CMMI-DEV? CMMI stands for “Capability Maturity Model Integration” and is a model that provides appraisal and training for process improvement. CMMI for Development is a collection of practices covering project management, process management, systems engineering, hardware engineering, software engineering, and other supporting processes used in development and maintenance.

We use CMMI-DEV to consistently deliver quality software on time and within budget. We use it for process improvement across our projects and organization. This has led to lower costs, improved quality, and ahead of time delivery of products and services. Our application of CMMI-DEV covers Full Life Cycle Agile Development from design through delivery and maintenance. CMMI-DEV best practices are flexible yet stable. We regularly measure and refine our processes for continuous improvement.