North Platte River Accounting Program

Lynker staff have provided a number of services to the State of Wyoming resulting in a deep understanding of the hydrologic and institutional factors that govern water resources on the North Platte River. Most of these services provided technical support in the Nebraska v. Wyoming litigation and included development of a water allocation and reservoir operations model of the North Platte River, development of an accounting tool to track balances of accounts in the federal reservoirs, development of a database of historical diversions and operations, and statistical analyses of streamflows on the North Platte River and its tributaries.

Since settlement of the litigation, the extensive knowledge of the river gained by Lynker staff continues to be applied by the Wyoming Board of Control through the North Platte River Accounting Program that Lynker staff developed and maintains and upgrades upon request. For that program, Lynker staff:

1) Developed a custom GUI interface for calculating and reporting natural flow and storage deliveries on the North Platte River between Wyoming and Nebraska irrigators,

2) Designed an application to collect and record river and ditch flow gauging stations and import those readings into a database,

3) Automated flow calculations from USGS gage rating tables and gage heights, and

4) Developed an archiving system to ensure that results are reproducible long into the future.