Mount Werner Water & Sanitation Macarthur/Yampa Meadows Alluvial Aquifer Investigation

Under contract with Mount Werner Water & Sanitation, Lynker was tasked with hydrologic and hydrogeologic data review and compilation for model inputs and framework development of a Yampa River alluvial aquifer MODFLOW model. Analysis included detailing the geographic and climatic setting and quantifying surface water groundwater interactions based on observed surface water and groundwater trends, aquifer testing of alluvial properties, and groundwater modeling. Modeling analysis included discretizing Yampa river channel geometry, developing streamflow records for model calibration, developing an annual water budget for the system, defining aquifer geometry and properties, and quantifying streambed conductance and associated accretions and depletions to the Yampa River and other surface water features.

The groundwater modeling analysis was used to assess present and potential future production from the alluvial aquifer infiltration galleries, quantify associated impacts to surface water features, and defining a capture zone to protect against water contamination concerns.