Lynker Supports Seabird Protection and Rehabilitation in Hawaii

Lynker biologist, Laura Trilles, recently led several Seabird Mitigation and Rescue training sessions for construction workers repairing and paving damaged roads on Kauai.  The threatened and endangered seabirds are attracted to artificial lights, often used by construction crews, by mistake, which causes them to circle the lights confused and then fall to the ground.  Once grounded, these birds have difficulty taking flight on their own.  Two species are of particular concern on Kauai: the Hawaiian Petrel (endangered) and the Newell’s Shearwater (threatened).

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires a mitigation and training plan be submitted by all companies conducting work that could potentially have a negative impact on the seabirds. Lynker wrote this plan for Grace Pacific, a subsidiary of Alexander and Baldwin, Inc., who is conducting roadwork on Kauai in a known flight corridor of the seabirds. We also provided training sessions on how to minimize interactions with the birds as well as how to rescue the birds once they are grounded. Bird identification, handling and how to report and deliver downed seabirds to a local rescue program called Save Our Shearwaters was included in the training. Lynker offers environmental consulting services to government, commercial and non-profit sectors. Our biologists and scientific writers provide a wide variety of products and services, and our local island presence allows us to act fast and meet tight deadlines.