Lynker Observers Making Impact on Shark Survival in the Pacific

Lynker Observers Dan Landry, Kitt Langdell, Beth Runciman, Amanda Polotta, and Mario Esera are on the front lines of shark conservation and have tagged three species: oceanic whitetip, silky and bigeye threshers, providing valuable data to estimate survival.

The observers tagged sharks while at sea, which has gone into a study of shark populations in the Pacific region. Shark conservation has become a very hot topic, and we are on the front lines of collecting important, first-hand data about the size, movements, behaviors, and other population information that contributes to research and policy making in the region.

This project has been very important to shark conservation and has already had direct impacts to the outcomes of the most recent stock assessment for oceanic whitetip shark and has been used to inform management measures for best handling at the Regional Fishery Management Organization level.

Some sharks have really long deployments as shown by the Oceanic Whitetips travels below!