Leesburg, VA, March 12, 2019 — Lynker Technologies, a leader in emerging technology solutions has been chosen as Top 10 Government Tech Consulting/Services Companies of 2019 by CIO Applications. Lynker Technologies (Lynker), was chosen for its application of science through technology to advance the capabilities of its clients. Lynker has been helping increase the efficiency and productivity of agencies and improving IT investments for more than a decade. The Virginia-based company prides itself on its ability to provide IT services across a variety of Agencies, by offering robust solutions to clients, and serving as a partner and consultant.

“Our focus on the future provides a springboard for identifying best practices, technology trends and new solutions before our customers recognize a need to meet their mission challenges allowing us to be a trust partner and advisor,” said Bob Tibbs, Chief Technology Officer of Lynker Technologies.

Lynker uses machine learning and predictive analytics to help Agencies make smarter decisions with insights on operational performance and efficiency. Lynker generates easy-to-read reports on key metrics and provides new analytics capabilities to government employees through user-friendly drag-and-drop dashboards.

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Lynker’s Government Tech Consulting/Services Timeline

  • Sept 2009

    Geographic Information System (GIS) and Web consulting services

    Office of Coast Survey (OCS), Marine Charting Division (MCD)

  • Sept 2013

    Modeling and Forecasts

    National Weather Service (NWS), National Water Center (NWC)

  • May 2015

    Professional, Scientific, Administrative, and Technical Support Services

    NOAA, National Marine and Fisheries Service (NMFS)

  • Oct 2015

    Data Entry Methods, Data Management, and Distribution of Data Results

    NOAA National Ocean Service (NOS)

  • April 2016

    Data Center Infrastructure Management, Legacy Data System Maintenance, and Application Modernization Development

    National Science Foundation

  • April 2016

    IT Support Services

    Greater Atlantic Region Fisheries Office (GARFO)

  • Sept 2016

    Modeling and Forecasts

    National Weather Service (NWS), National Water Center (NWC)

  • Aug 2017

    Agile IT Project Management Office (PMO) Support

    Department of Education