Lynker Education and Outreach Specialist Awarded Grand Prize

Lynker employee, Peggy Foreman, was awarded the Grand Prize for her photo entry in the inaugural NOAA Education Photo Contest. See her winning photo below. Congrats Peggy!

6th grade students from Sacred Hearts Academy got first hand experience learning about limu (algae) in their watershed. They learned which species were native and which ones were alien and invasive. However, there is joy and satisfaction when a student wants to confirm that they have correctly identified a species as not to mistake and remove the wrong species. For many of these students, they have eaten limu but this was their first time learning about their role in the ecosystem and why removing the invasive species is critical for the nearshore habitat and barrier reefs that protect their shore and community.

Credit: Malama Maunalua and/or parent chaperone from Sacred Hearts Academy
Submitted by Peggy Foreman (NMFS)
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  1. Peggy Foreman says:

    Mahalo nui loa for sharing this! I can’t wait to share this news with the young 6th grader, her class, and Mālama Maunalua (grand prize photo), Keith Kamikawa (winner of Faces of NOAA), and our interns that won the Honorable Mention. :)

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