Tom is our Contracts Director. Many types of Lynker legal document ends up on his desk for review. Out of the office Tom is an avid surfer! As a volunteer with Surfers Healing, Tom takes kids with autism surfing. He has surfed with hundreds of kids over the past 12 years. Tom provides instruction on the beach, shows them positions on the board, gets them on their knees, paddles out with them on tandem boards, shows them fish along the way, and finds a wave that works for them.  He takes off and lifts them in standing position.  As soon as they reach the shore many plead to go right back out. Some say they want to go by themselves. All are new surfers. Tom tells them, “You are now in the surfing club, you’re always a surfer, and no one can take this away from you.” They run to their parents affirming, “I’m a surfer now!”  He gives them friendship bracelets they don’t take off for years. :)