International Projects

Lynker has worked with many international clients over the years on interesting climate topics. Lynker staff serve in a variety of roles in this field.

Inter-American Development Bank, Climate Change

Technical Lead, climate change impacts in central America, Inter-American Development Bank (IADB, 2014-2015). Developed climate change scenarios for future precipitation extremes to help IADB quantify climate change impacts on transportation and water supply infrastructure.

 USAID Climate Change Coastal Infrastructure Impact

Workshop leader, Understanding climate change impacts on coastal infrastructure in Mozambique (USAID, 2013-2014). For a USAID project on climate resilient development, Dr. Wobus prepared materials on climate change for stakeholder workshops, facilitated in-country group discussions, and helped municipal stakeholders understand the impacts of climate change on their local planning.

USAID Resiliency Papers

Contributing Author, USAID climate resilient development papers (USAID, 2014-2015). Contributed to annexes on climate change impacts to the coastal zone and water resources, as part of the USAID Climate Resilient Development framework set of papers.

Chinese Environmental Planning Workshop

Technical Lead, natural resources damage assessment (NRDA) workshop for the Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning (American Bar Association, 2011). Developed a workshop for Chinese environmental officials describing the process of NRDA, and presented three talks over a two-day workshop in Beijing

World Bank Climate Change Impacts to Transportation

Technical lead, climate change impacts to transportation infrastructure in Africa (World Bank, 2013). Assisted with the development of future climate change scenarios for an assessment of transportation system vulnerabilities in Africa.