Homeschool and Environmental Awareness

Today, we received an email from Chloe, an online teacher for an after school program. She told us that her class found our website while searching for resources on environmental awareness. We’re so pleased you reached out. Her student, Henry, wanted to share a great resource he found called 4 Things You Should Know About Battery Disposal And The Environment. Amazing! And yes, it’s super important to dispose of batteries, electronics, paint (basically anything with chemicals that could harm the environment) in the proper way. Thanks for sharing that.

The environment and our natural resources are very important us at Lynker. We focus on work that helps protect it for future generations. One of the main government agencies we work with is NOAA, which stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. NOAA is focused on changes in climate, weather, oceans, and coasts. They also conserve and manage coastal and marine ecosystems and resources. Knowing that most kids are learning from home right now, NOAA put together a web page full of resources for students like you: NOAA-Education at Home.

Also, this year is NOAA’s 50th anniversary. Our very talented graphic designer and artist worked on their 50th anniversary video which you can watch by going here: 50th Anniversary Video.

Lynker works with NOAA to create new software applications, send observers out on fishing vessels, and conduct scientific research. We also do community outreach about things like coral reef friendly sunscreen and helping seabirds.

Some cool things I’ve learned about NOAA while working at Lynker:

  1. They study and recommend fishing hooks that will minimize harm to protected species.
  2. They fly airplanes directly into the eye of hurricanes to gather weather information.
  3. They are the nation’s nautical chart maker, which is like a map of water-levels for boats and ships.
  4. They produce our weather forecasts and warnings.
  5. They aren’t just one office. They have six different line offices: National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information ServiceNational Marine Fisheries ServiceNational Ocean ServiceNational Weather ServiceOffice of Marine & Aviation Operations, and Office of Oceanic & Atmospheric Research.

I could write pages upon pages about all the amazing and interesting things NOAA does. I hope you browse through their site to discover and learn many new things.

If you’re interested, there are a few other Federal Environmental Agencies you should check out: