NOAA NWS Office of Water Prediction (OWP) Hydrologic and Hydrometeorological Modeling Support

The NWS works continuously to refine their existing models to improve forecast skill, infuse new scientifically sound techniques into operations, and build new products and services. Forecasts are improved by forecasters who are familiar with the underlying data, models, and forecasting processes, and new product requirements are identified by users and NWS management. For all contract objectives, Lynker supports the NWS by providing development, testing, demonstration and implementation of real-time flood forecast mapping, enhancement of impact-based water resources decision support services. Lynker is also providing technical support developing a new service delivery model for coastal and inland communities focused on developing linkages between terrestrial freshwater (surface and groundwater) and coastal estuary models. In all project tasks, the Lynker Team collaborates closely with NWS personnel to identify, refine, and prioritize the requirements for new science and software.
Lynker is currently supporting development of the OWP COASTAL Act Named Storm Event Modeling (NSEM) requirements in a project focused on coupling freshwater model to ocean models. NOAA’s NWM is the foundation for the nationally consistent operational hydro forecasting and source of inland hydrologic information. Lynker staff are developing demonstration code and associated documentation to couple the Extratropical Surge and Tide Operational Forecast System (ESTOFS) and Advanced Circulation Model (ADCIRC) to the National Water Model (NWM) in the Coastal Zones while also determining the feasibility for using NEMS for unified model coupling. Lynker scientists from our NWC GID team are assisting our Coastal group by identifying and evaluating existing coastal elevation datasets, including source data (i.e. lidar surveys) and derivative products (i.e. DEMs).
About the NOAA NWC

The National Water Center (NWC) is a first-in- the world facility that will enable NOAA, in partnership with other federal agencies, to deliver a new generation of water information and services to the nation. These new services will strengthen the nation’s water forecast capabilities for floods and droughts, improve preparedness for water-related disasters, and inform high-value water decisions at the local, state, and national levels. By complementing existing regional River Forecast Centers with a national center, the National Weather Service (NWS) water mission area mirrors the highly successful structure of the meteorological side of the NWS.

Contract Information

  • Contract Number: EA-133W-17-RP-0080
  • Scope of Contract: Development of geospatial software applications and services; maps and graphics; new GIS data products and product improvements; spatial discretization techniques; and analytical methods.
  • Contract Type: IDIQ
  • Value: $9.99 million
  • Competition Required: Yes
  • Period of Performance: 08/14/2017 through 08/13/2022

Contact Information

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