The NOAA Mission IT Services BPA vehicle, referred to simply as “NMITS”, provides information technology (IT) services, solutions, and support. NMITS is the acquisition framework for delivering the full scope of IT services and capabilities to support NOAA-wide IT solutions for Line Offices, Staff Offices, and Corporate Services Offices.

NMITS allows NOAA missions the ability to procure IT tools and support in areas such as enterprise services, application administration, enterprise and cloud computing, data and voice network services, cybersecurity and information assurance. NMITS provides opportunities for technical consolidation which will result in increased economies of scale. Lynker was authorized through a rigorous review process during the NMITS evaluation phase and has been validated as having extensive knowledge of NOAA and its critical missions.

Contract Information

  • Contract Number: 1305M421ANAAA0046
  • Scope of Contract: Enterprise Services; Customer Support Services; Mission and Business Applications, Tools, Portals, and Web Services; Enterprise Computing, Cloud, Storage, Shared and Field Services; Data and Voice Network Services; Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Services
  • Contract Type: FFP, T&M
  • Value: $2.1 Billion ceiling
  • Period of Performance: 11/20/2020 to 11/19/2025

Contact Information

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