NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, Professional, Scientific, and Technical Support Services (PSATSS)

Lynker is the only HubZone-certified awardee under the comprehensive 5-year Professional, Administrative, and Technical Support Services (PSATSS) IDIQ contract designed to support a wide range of marine biology and ecology needs across 5 NOAA regions (Alaska Fisheries Science Center – AFSC, Pacific Northwest Fisheries Science Center – NWFSC, West Coast – WCR, Pacific Island Regional Office – PIRO, and Pacific Island Fisheries Science Center – PIFSC). 

Our work helps forward NOAA’s goal of integrating a more ecosystem-based approach to the management and restoration of living marine resources worldwide. Our outputs provide objective, scientific evidence that inform NOAA leadership, Congress, non-government organizations, industry, and other stakeholders of the social and economic impacts of management policies and regulatory measures related to America’s invaluable marine habitats, flora, and fauna.

Since the contract began in May 2015, we have won 130+ tasks valued at $33 million (approximately 65% of all awards to date by number and value) with acceptance of all deliverables. We have also successfully hired new staff to fill vacancies and/or new positions, as well as transitioned 100% of all desired, qualified incumbents – some in as little as one day and matching and/or bettering their previous compensation and benefits. Our NMFS PSTASS team now numbers over 200 marine biologists, ecologists, resource specialists, biotechnicians, molecular geneticists, field researchers, aquaculturists, habitat restorers, scientist scuba divers, information technology (IT) and geospatial (GIS) data specialists, technical writers and illustrators, outreach and education specialists, and other scientific, technical, and program support personnel across all regions and divisions.

Contract Information

  • Contract Number: AB-133F-15-CQ-0014
  • Scope of Contract: Comprehensive professional, scientific, and technical support services across six major western US regions
  • Contract Type: FFP, T&M
  • Value: $50 million ceiling; $33 million won to date (65% by value)
  • Competition Required: Yes
  • Period of Performance: 05/01/2015 through 04/30/2020 (2021)

Contact Information

For more information regarding this contract, contact us:

Program Manager: Liz Tarquin (