NOAA Fisheries, Greater Atlantic Region Office IT Support Services (GARFIT)

Lynker provides comprehensive information technology (IT) support to the Greater Atlantic Region Fisheries Office (GARFO) under this single-award Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). As GARFO’s Information Resource Management (IRM) division lifecycle vendor, our team coordinates and delivers multiple concurrent projects and activities for over 250 internal and many external customers (fisheries management councils, states, other fishery management groups, and the commercial fishing industry users) that sustain GARFO’s existing systems, networks, databases, web applications, and other operational components.

We are actively engaged in helping GARFO expedite the consolidation, modernization, and standardization of its Northeast Fisheries Information Management Systems portfolio under the Fisheries Dependent Data Visioning and Modernization (FDDV) Program, applying our expertise with Agile, CMMI-Dev, ITIL, and ISO to improve the way GARFO operates, sustains, and upgrades its Oracle core and SQL Server databases and infrastructure, Esri geospatial information systems (GIS), and web-based user interfaces, portals, and dashboards deployed using Google, Microsoft, and other open source and proprietary tools and platforms. We also provide GIS training and support, systems administration, IT Help Desk customer support as part of the overall value we add to GARFO and the NOAA/NMFS mission.

Contract Information

  • Contract Number: EA-133F-16-BA-0047
  • Scope of Contract: Comprehensive information technology and programmatic support services for the Greater Atlantic Region
  • Contract Type: FFP, T&M
  • Value: $8.2 million
  • Competition Required: No
  • Period of Performance: 05/01/2016 through 04/30/2025

Contact Information

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Program Manager: Patrick Hansen (