NOAA Fisheries Pacific Islands Region Observer Program Support Services (PIROP)

Lynker is the single awardee for the NOAA Fisheries Pacific Islands Region Observer Program (PIROP), the largest of all US Federal fisheries observer programs. This contract adds 70+ additional qualified personnel to our team, who serve as biologists and data collectors/analysts onboard longline (tuna) and shallow-set (swordfish – to reopen in 2019) fishing vessels in the Pacific. We are deeply honored to have been selected to support the program, especially as it embraces new tools, technologies, and processes for data collection, monitoring, and reporting in the region.

Contract Information

  • Contract Number: 1305M318NFFT004
  • Scope of Contract: Observer services for the Pacific Islands Region Longline and Shallow-set fisheries
  • Contract Type: FFP, T&M
  • Value: $34 million
  • Competition Required: No
  • Period of Performance: 10/01/2018 through 09/30/2023

Contact Information

For more information regarding this contract, contact us:

IDIQ Manager: Liz Tarquin (

Program Manager: Josee Vincent (