GSA Professional Services Schedule

Contract Number GS-00F-125CA

This contract includes:

System Design, Engineering & Integration (SIN 871-3)

Under this SIN Lynker provides translation of system or project concepts into a preliminary and detailed design (engineering plans and specifications), performing risk identification and analysis, mitigation, traceability, and then integrating the various components to produce a working prototype or model of the system. Services in this SIN include:

  • computer-aided design, design studies and analysis, design review services, shop drawing review services, submittal review services
  • developing risk reduction strategies and recommendations to mitigate identified risk conditions
  • performance-based design reviews, high level detailed specification and scope preparation, configuration, management and document control
  • fabrication, assembly and simulation, modeling, training, consulting, and mission design analysis.

Integrated Consulting Services (SIN 874-1)

Under this SIN Lynker provides expert advice and assistance in support of an agency’s mission-oriented business functions. Services in this SIN include:

  • Management or strategy consulting, including research, evaluations, studies, analyses, scenarios/simulations, reports, business policy and regulation development assistance and strategy formulation
  • Facilitation and related decision support services
  • Survey services, using a variety of methodologies, including survey planning, design, and development; survey administration; data validation and analysis; reporting, and stakeholder briefings
  • Advisory and assistance services in accordance with FAR 37.203

Integrated Business Program Support Services (SIN 874-7)

Under this SIN Lynker provides services to assist agencies in managing their mission-oriented business projects or programs and achieving mission performance goals. Services in this SIN include:

  • All phases of program or project management, from planning to closeout.
  • Operational/administrative business support services in order to carry out program objectives.

Environmental Consulting Services (SIN 899-1)

Under this SIN Lynker provides subject matter expertise and environmentally focused services. Services in this SIN include:

  • Planning and Documentation Services for the development, planning, facilitation, coordination, and documentation of and/or for environmental initiatives (or mandates such as Executive Order 13693 in areas of chemical, radiological, and/or hazardous materials
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) and sustainable performance measure development
  • Environmental Assessment (EA) and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) preparation under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
  • Endangered species, wetland, watershed, and other natural resource management plans
  • Archeological and/or cultural resource management plans
  • Environmental program and project management
  • Environmental regulation development
  • Climate change adaptation and resiliency planning and implementation support, including but not limited to, identifying climate risks and impacts
  • Applying and interpreting climate and impact assessment model outputs
  • Development and implementation of solutions to build climate resilience, reduce identified climate risks, and provide both climate change mitigation and adaptation benefits
  • Climate decision support, risk management, and vulnerability assessments and analyses
  • Climate risk communications and training
  • Economic, technical, and risk analysis
  • Environmentally related studies and consultations
  • Identification and mitigation of threats inclusive of protective measures to mitigate the threats; and Vulnerability assessments
  • Compliance Services such as review, audit, and implementation/management of EMS and other compliance and contingency plans and performance measures
  • Permitting
  • Spill prevention/control and countermeasure plans
  • Pollution prevention surveys
  • Community Right to-Know Act reporting
  • Advisory Services for ongoing advice and assistance with data and information in support of agency environmental programs involving areas such as Hazardous material spills
  • Environmental regulations and environmental policy and procedure updates
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act/Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (RCRA/CERCLA) site investigations;
  • Review of technologies and processes impacting waste management.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services (SIN 899-7)

Under this SIN Lynker provides GIS services in support of environmental programs. Services in this SIN include:

  • Creation/enforcement of environmental legislation
  • Cultural resource GIS (CRGIS)
  • Environmental cost assessment; Environmental impact analyses
  • Environmental regulatory compliance
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Growth forecast modeling
  • Habitat conservation plans
  • Habitat modeling
  • Image analysis support for emergency response
  • Mapping, Cartography, and Mashups (e.g., combining data from more than one source into a single integrated tool to include aerial mapping)
  • Migration pattern analysis
  • Natural resource planning
  • Remote sensing for environmental studies
  • Terrestrial, marine, and/or atmospheric measuring/management
  • Vegetation mapping
  • Watershed characterization for mitigation planning