Celebrating the Exceptional Women at Lynker!

Close to 50% of the Lynker team are women.  We proudly honor these women who lead, innovate, and inspire us.  In the spirit of Women’s History Month, we are recognizing our exceptional female workforce for their valuable contributions, a few of whom are highlighted below.

Erica Towle, Ph.D.

National Coral Reef Monitoring Program Coordinator, Silver Spring, MD

Erica manages NOAA’s National Coral Reef Monitoring Program (NCRMP), which is a nationally and internationally recognized coral reef monitoring program covering all U.S. coral reef areas in both the Pacific and Atlantic.  The program is unique in that in addition to monitoring benthic, fisheries, and climate data on coral reefs, socioeconomic monitoring is also incorporated.  Conservation cannot be achieved without an informed and engaged public, so having a social science component to her work is key.  Erica’s job entails coordinating and budgeting field survey missions, liaising between the different NOAA labs and offices that execute different components of the monitoring, overseeing data stewardship, and leading the production of tools/products/reports using NCRMP data.

Erica grew up outside of New York City, but Cape Cod is her happy place.  She has two degrees from the University of Miami, and she serves on the board of the University of Miami Alumni Association Board of Directors for the D.C. area.  In her free time, she loves to do SoulCycle.


Eden Zang

Research Specialist, Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, Maui, HI

Eden has worked in Hawaii for over ten years with private, state, and federal organizations.  Her professional experience includes expertise in passive acoustic monitoring, marine mammal research, scientific diving, animal husbandry, logistics coordination, and protected species management.  In her current role as Research Specialist at the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, she leads the field operations and vessel transect efforts.  Additionally, she spends the majority of her time analyzing regional acoustic data for the national SanctSound project which aims to better understand underwater sound within national marine sanctuaries.  A highlight of her work was in 2019 when she was the Chief Scientist aboard the R/V Searcher to Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument.  She led an all female science team to deploy five acoustic recording packages throughout the monument.  While her focus is now on humpback whales, her prior work focused on additional cetacean species, pinnipeds, fish, marine invertebrates, and effects of anthropogenic noise in the marine environment.  In addition to her work, she loves all animals (especially her dog Jordan), coffee, travelling internationally, and experiencing different cultures.


Alexis Maxwell

Communications and Policy Specialist, NOAA National Ocean Service Office of Coast Survey, Silver Spring, MD

During a regular day, Alexis supports two programs within Coast Survey – the Communications Program and the International Program.  She spends much of her time participating in and running virtual meetings and coordinating with a variety of stakeholders within Coast Survey, U.S. interagency partners, and with international partners all over the world.  She regularly works on high level briefing documents, policy memos, and meeting agendas.  Additionally, she supports communications activities like the Coast Survey staff newsletter, the Coast Survey blog, assisting on press releases, and running all of Coast Survey’s social media accounts (follow us on Twitter and Facebook @noaacharts)!

Alexis grew up on University of Delaware’s campus and loves traveling home from DC regularly to see family.  She has two cats named Freya and Pacha, and in her free time she loves to hike and dance!


Tina Lee

Coastal Resource Specialist, NOAA Office for Coastal Management Pacific Islands Region, Honolulu, HI

Tina has a multifaceted position that facilitates coastal management and resilience in the U.S. Pacific Island region.  She coordinates the Pacific Risk Management ‘Ohana, an initiative to build strong partnerships that help us plan and prepare for natural hazards and disasters brought in the Pacific Islands.  She helps to host a yearly conference that brings together hundreds of people from Hawai’i, Guam, CNMI, American Samoa, and the greater international Pacific.  Another facet of her position is to serve as a liaison to the He’eia National Estuarine Research Reserve on the island of O’ahu, where she supports indigenous resource management and knowledge to build community, social, economic, and environmental resilience.  She is also a part of a team that guides the West Hawai’i Habitat Focus Area and the Hawaiian Islands Sentinel Sites Cooperative, two programs that connect local communities with the latest science and research on climate and environmental change to help communities better manage their coastal resources.


Jaci Crossman

Librarian/Archivist, NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center (PIFSC), Honolulu, HI

Jaci facilitates the use of the PIFSC Library by research scientists, providing scientific publications regarding the Pacific Islands and fisheries.  She searches various databases pertinent to fisheries, marine mammal protection, oceanography, and socioeconomics, just to name a few!  She collaborates with other librarians across NOAA’s network of libraries to share ideas and techniques in order to support the needs of their colleagues.  She conducts the final steps to process all PIFSC publications by ensuring all documents are assigned a DOI (digital object identifier), meets section 508 accessibility requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and are submitted to the NOAA Institutional Repository (the organizations’ document archive) with the appropriate metadata.

Jaci grew up in Maine and later moved to coastal North Carolina.  In Maine, she participated in ski racing, soccer, and many outdoor activities.  In North Carolina, she received her undergraduate degree from East Carolina University and also obtained her master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the University of North Carolina Greensboro.  Living on the coast, she’s had the opportunity to participate in many marine debris removal projects, and observed several sea turtle nesting seasons.  She also volunteered at a local elementary school library and public library, which is where she found her passion for library sciences.  Jaci is an avid traveler and despite the odds and several delays due to COVID-19, married her husband last year in Edinburg, Scotland.


Amber Butler

Integrated Ocean and Coastal Mapping (IOCM) Executive Secretariat, NOAA, Silver Spring, MD

Amber supports the execution of coordination for the Integrated Ocean and Coastal Mapping team.  She manages the website and helps with development for communication, hosts meetings, and runs monthly seminars through OneNOAA science seminars.  She is also the Executive Secretariat for the Interagency Working Group – Ocean and Coastal Mapping.  She manages documents that go to the White House and congress, she runs national meetings during the week with 13 partner agencies, she hosts symposiums and summits for NOAA and partner, and she coordinates communication for interagency mapping with the IOCM team.  She works with the OCS front office and beyond.

Amber was Miss Earth Maryland and won the National interview award, Miss Congeniality, and was Top 15 at the national competition with her Ocean Sustainability platform!


Danielle Lyons

Human Resources Manager, Leesburg, VA

Danielle is a Certified Professional in Human Resources with the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).  She works on talent acquisition, organizational development, workforce planning, compliance, training, benefits administration, compensation management, and performance management to name a few.  Her workday is different every day.  Danielle chose to work in HR because she’s passionate about making a difference.  She does this by serving Lynker and its employees.  She helps shape the culture of the organization by keeping compliant with ever-changing laws, offering new benefits, hosting employee events, and developing career paths for employees.  She recognizes it’s hard work, but she enjoys making Lynker one of the best places to work.  HR is a strategic partner in an organization.  She influences the future of the company based on employment decisions, whether that’s creating new policies, training & development programs, hiring & termination decisions, or guiding employees through their career.  In her position, Danielle is changing lives.  She’s helping the right person fill critical roles.  She helps employees provide benefits and financial security to their families.  She coaches and guides employees and managers through the performance management process.  She helps employees through some of the most pivotal events in their lives, marriage, divorce, adoption, birth of a child, disability, retirement, and even death.  It brings her satisfaction to help employees thrive in their careers and help Lynker fulfill its mission and vision, while creating long-lasting bonds through the process.  She always says, you can’t work in Human Resources without a love for people and the company you work for.  She loves what she does and she loves doing it for Lynker.


Hansje Gold-Krueck

Graphics and Web Analytics Specialist, NOAA Office for Coastal Management, Charleston, SC

Hansje’s job focuses on web statistics, usability, and graphics.  She helps process data from multiple sources for the many web pages that are hosted at the NOAA Office for Coastal Management and creates both visual and written reports to help content owners gauge performance and identify areas of improvement.  The information is part of what is used to help determine project priorities.  Web maintenance is another area of focus. In addition to the statistics, she checks pages for broken links and other issues that might impact the quality of the user experience and the overall search engine ranking.  When products are due to be updated or new ideas need to be tested, Hansje helps coordinate both internal and external usability tests.  This involves “testing” websites to determine if they are intuitive, and making modifications where needed.  Making sure our content can be accessed by all is an important aspect of her job.  She makes sure all PDFs and videos posted to the web meet or exceed the federal criteria for accessibility.  In addition to the technical aspects of her work, there is also a creative side.  Photography, video, drawing, graphic design, and video production are all skills that she uses in her job.

As the daughter of a diplomat, Hansje grew up all over the world before settling in South Carolina for grad school and her job.  Prior to her position at Lynker, she taught languages and SCUBA diving.  She has since become a kayak instructor and 4th degree black belt.  She takes pictures to help foster children get adopted.  Her family spends every Sunday at the beach with their two dogs.  The ocean will always be her happy place!


Caitlyn McCrary

Senior Communications Specialist, NOAA Office for Coastal Management, Charleston, SC

Every day Caitlyn’s specific task might change, but her goal is the same: to share the data, tools, training, and resources from NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management with local managers working to mitigate the impacts of climate change in their communities.  Working with project teams, she uses social media, newsletters, and other forms of communication to spread the word about these helpful (and free!) resources.  Caitlyn also works with the National Coastal Zone Management Program and within the regions to share the amazing work and impacts they’re contributing to their communities with leaders in Congress, NOAA, and the National Ocean Service.

While Cailyn grew up in the Great Lakes state of Ohio, she’s lived in Charleston since graduating from her masters program in 2012.  In her free time, she enjoys running marathons and instilling a love for the coast and ocean in her almost 4 year old son.