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Lynker Awarded NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center Research Support!

Lynker is excited to have been awarded NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service’s Auke Creek Research & Little Port Walter Field Research.  Our support will include fieldwork on vessel surveys and research field stations as well as data analysis and summarization for the Alaska Fisheries Science Center, Auke Bay Laboratories.

Lynker Awarded Louisiana Sea Grant Better Bycatch Reduction Program!

Lynker is pleased to announce our award, in partnership with Royal Engineers and Consultants, LLC, to administer Louisiana Sea Grant (LSG) participation contracts for the Better Bycatch Reduction Program. LSG is working with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to identify and promote certified bycatch reduction devices (BRDs –“bird”) for use in the shrimp trawl industry. Lynker will liaise and provide logistics management for shrimp vessels during gear trials of the new technology across the US Gulf of Mexico. With this award Lynker has been recognized as an expert in fishing industry practices, regulations, and culture, with deep connections to fishing communities.

Lynker’s Dr. Erica Towle Presents at Monaco Ocean Week!

Lynker’s National Coral Reef Monitoring Program Coordinator, Dr. Erica K. Towle, participated in Monaco Ocean Week 2022 #MOW22 recently and presented the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN) report. This report was released last October 2021 virtually, but had not yet been released in person. Lynker is very proud of your work Dr. Towle!

Lynker Involved in Colorado Water Conservation Board Grant!

The Colorado Water Conservation Board just voted to approve a grant to promote the expansion of aerial lidar measurements of snowpack across Colorado. Lynker has been deeply involved in this process in education, stakeholder coordination and project planning. Our Boulder team is excited to promote this bleeding edge technology that will serve Colorado well in this uncertain climate.

Photo Credit: Water Education Colorado

Lynker Providing Support to the Western Pacific Fishery Management Council!

Lynker is proud to announce the Western Pacific Fishery Management Council has selected us to provide staff recruitment assistance and for long-term contractor support regarding fishery management decisions, gathering pertinent literature and data for the impact analyses, developing options papers and amendment documents with associated Environmental Assessment (EA)s, and developing the 2021 Archipelagic (American Samoa, Marianas, Hawaii, and Pacific Remote Island Area) and Pelagic (domestic and international) Annual Stock Assessment and Fishery Evaluation Reports. Mr. Thomas Remington is our key resource supporting this work and we welcome him to the Lynker family!


Lynker Pursuing RAISE Grant!

Lynker is pleased to announce the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) Ports Authority has contracted us to assist them to pursue a Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) discretionary grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation for harbor upgrades and repairs. The RAISE program helps communities large and small fix and modernize infrastructure. We are proud to partner with the Commonwealth Ports Authority to seek funding for these projects that will have significant local impact!

Sea to Shining Sea Award Won by Lynker’s Chelsea Prindle!

Congratulations to Lynker’s very own Chelsea Prindle for earning the Sea to Shining Sea: Excellence in Interpretation and Education Award. Chelsea was selected for the Sea to Shining Sea award for her leadership and dedication to develop and lead distance learning programs for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The distance learning programs reached a total of 2,836 students from 28 different schools, 61% of these students were from Title 1 schools, and reached 3,000 volunteers. Way to go Chelsea!

Publication Authored by Two Lynkerites, Dr. Erica Towle and Dr. Mary Allen!

Lynker is excited to share the latest publication authored by Dr.Erica Towle and Dr. Mary Allen in Frontiers in Marine Science titled “A National Status Report on United States Coral Reefs Based on 2012–2018 Data From National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Coral Reef Monitoring Program.”  This 6-year-plus project documents the technical aspects of how scores were calculated for the previously released NCRMP status reports for Congress and the public. Many extensive analyses went into the making of this report.  Great job team!

Check out the publication here:

Photo Credit: NOAA CRCP

Lynker Wins PIFSC Bottomfish Survey!

Lynker is thrilled to win our recompete of NOAA’s Pacific Island Fisheries Science Center (PIFSC) Bottomfish Survey Support contract! We will continue to provide local fishing vessels and personnel to conduct standardized hook‐and‐line fishing activities and drop‐camera deployments as part of the Bottomfish Survey in sampling stations surrounding the main eight Hawaiian Islands.

As Lynker and Pacific Islands Fisheries Group are connected to our communities, we came up with an innovation to deliver the fish sampled and not needed by NOAA PIFSC to local charities where they are processed in certified kitchens and given to those in need…making a huge difference in their lives.


Lynker Wins Two NOAA OCM Contracts!

Lynker wins two OCM Technical Support Services contracts! We are excited to be able to continue our support to NOAA’s National Ocean Service, Office for Coastal Management (OCM) providing services including Application and Data Services, IT Infrastructure Support, Management and Administration, Finance, Facilities and Security, Geospatial Support, Social Science, Training, Fellowships, and Communications and Outreach.

Photo Credit: NOAA