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Sea Level Trends Updated Throughout Coastal US

Sea level rise is one of the largest climate-related threats facing our coastal communities. Scientists and engineers at NOAA’s Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS) are analyzing water level data from a vast network of tide gauges to better understand these trends. Recently, Lynker team member, Steve Simon, worked with colleagues at CO-OPS […]

Lynker Presented on Soundscapes at Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020

Lynker’s scientist Karlina Merkens presented at the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020 in San Diego. Her abstract was selected for an oral presentation in the session “Exploring and Characterizing Deep and Coastal Ocean Soundscapes.” She presented on the work she’s been doing for Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center with colleagues from Scripps Institution of Oceanography analyzing […]

Lynker’s Pacific Islands Observer Program Debriefers Win Federal Executive Board Team Award

Lynker’s Pacific Islands Observer Program Debriefers were recognized with a Federal Executive Board team award for their efforts to finalize the 2019 data earlier than the deadline. Our team also played an instrumental role in transitioning the NOAA Fisheries’ Pacific Islands Region legacy database to a new system, as well as the hard work and […]

Lynker Scientists Working with State of Colorado on First-of-its-Kind Climate Risk Analysis Project

Lynker scientists are currently working with the State of Colorado on a first-of-its-kind climate risk analysis project – Future Avoided Cost Explorer (FACE: Colorado Hazards). This statewide study estimates dollar-value damages from future floods, droughts, wildfires across select sectors of Colorado’s economy. The State of Colorado has recognized that these hazards are likely to worsen […]

World Water Day 2020

Managing water is a growing concern in communities across the US. Many of the states that have projected population growth increases also have higher per capita water use and can expect increased competition for water resources. Forty states expect to have water shortages over the next ten years that are not related to drought, while […]

Lynker Performed Site Visits for Hawai’i Coastal Resilience Assessment at Kako’o ‘Oiwi

Lynker’s Coastal Resilience Specialist, Bridget Lussier, along with staff from NMFS Restoration Center and the National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center, performed site visits for the Hawai’i Coastal Resilience Assessment at the He’eia NERR with a team from The Nature Conservancy. The site, Kako’o ‘Oiwi on O’ahu, includes taro farms, with other traditional crops such as […]

Lynker Leads Project Exploring Impacts of Colorado’s Future Floods, Droughts, and Wildfires

Lynker scientists Graeme Aggett & Ryan Spies presented alongside State of Colorado staff on a project Lynker is leading titled “FACE: Hazards” or “Future Avoided Cost Explorer” at the 2020 Colorado Emergency Management Conference in Loveland, CO. This project explores the impacts of future flood, drought, and wildfire on select sectors of Colorado’s economy. Lynker […]

Lynker Supports Seabird Protection and Rehabilitation in Hawaii

Lynker biologist, Laura Trilles, recently led several Seabird Mitigation and Rescue training sessions for construction workers repairing and paving damaged roads on Kauai.  The threatened and endangered seabirds are attracted to artificial lights, often used by construction crews, by mistake, which causes them to circle the lights confused and then fall to the ground.  Once […]