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National Water Center – Machine Learning Approach to Reservoir Operations

Reservoir operation is a complex human-controlled activity that substantially alters surface hydrology. A reservoir operator needs to account for reservoir gains and losses, and other upstream and downstream conditions, in order to make decisions about daily releases that meet operating targets. The National Water Model (NWM) version 2.0 is anticipated to include representation of approximately […]

National Water Center – Geo Intelligence Division (GID)

Lynker leads the Geospatial Intelligence Division (GID) at NOAA’s Office of Water Prediction (OWP) National Water Center (NWC). GID is responsible for taking outputs from the new NOAA National Water Model (NWM) and visualizing these data to make them more useful to stakeholders, including NWS River Forecast Center (RFC) staff at regional forecast offices and […]

North Platte River Accounting Program

Lynker staff have provided a number of services to the State of Wyoming resulting in a deep understanding of the hydrologic and institutional factors that govern water resources on the North Platte River. Most of these services provided technical support in the Nebraska v. Wyoming litigation and included development of a water allocation and reservoir […]

Eagle River Water Rights Operations Model

Lynker, together with Leonard Rice Engineers, developed a water resources systems model to represent water rights, reservoirs, streamflow conditions and operations by various municipalities in the Eagle River Basin of West-Slope Colorado.  The model provides water resources decision support for the major water providers and users in the basin.   Water rights, key diversions, ski […]

South Platte Decision Support Systems Model

Lynker was contracted by the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) to develop a water rights model for a Colorado Water District under the South Platte Decision Support Systems project. The SPDSS program covers the development of similar water rights models across all of Water District 1 (the South Platte River).  This effort was the most […]

Instream Flow Modeling to Support Hydroelectric Plant Permit Application

Pitkin County required technical services to understand both the water rights and instream flow impacts of various operations of a proposed hydroelectric plant on Castle Creek. The project team developed a model to analyze optimal hydroelectric operations based on existing water rights and historic streamflow. Once the model operations had been confirmed, the team developed […]

Lynker leads stream stewardship project through citizen science and adaptive management

Lynker staff developed an adaptive management framework for Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group that serves as an outline to ensure success of stream restoration for Left Hand Creek. Lynker, along with LVBrown Studio, developed a conceptual model which described the changes of Left Hand Creek watershed during floods. This model illustrates how the channel, riparian zones, […]