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Contending with COVID: Lynker Innovates to Address the Coronavirus and Help the Recovery of the Hawaiian Longline Fishery to “Business as Usual”

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged Hawaii and especially local commercial fisheries, an important component of the state and regional economy. The Hawaiian Longline fleet has been hit especially hard, given the reduced demand for fish from restaurants and markets in Hawaii as well as the US mainland and abroad. Mandatory quarantine and social distancing have […]

Lynker at Aquaculture Americas 2020

Lynker employees Bill O’Toole, Emily Bruton, Luke Brantley, and Mark Tagal attended the Aquaculture America 2020 national conference and exposition in early February 2020. There were over 150 exhibitors and 70 plus sessions covering the latest trends in global aquaculture and burgeoning technologies driving the field. Among the many associations, societies, and companies present, some […]

Whale Whispering in the Hawaiian Islands

Lynker Bioacoustician and Marine Mammal Specialist, Eden Zang, recently assisted in deploying deep water acoustic recorders in waters off Maui and Kauai. These passive acoustic recorder packages will be deployed until Spring 2020 to study the presence and distribution of humpback whales in Hawaiian Island Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary (HIHWNMS) waters. The recorders will […]

Lynker, Pacific Islands Fisheries Group, and Local Fishers Collaborate

Lynker and the Pacific Islands Fisheries Group (PIFG), a Hawaii-based research cooperative, have been out on the water this fall, sampling in 75 fishing locations to determine abundance and health of Hawaii’s “Deep 7” bottomfish, including opakapaka (pink snapper), onaga (longtail snapper), ehu (squirrelfish snapper), kalekale (Von Siebold’s snapper), gindai (Brigham’s snapper), lehi (silverjaw snapper), […]

Scavenger Hunt in Rota and Saipan to Gain LIDAR Data

Lynker employees Jamie Carter and Ross Winans recently surveyed sites in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands (CNMI) supporting @NOAA Digital Coast’s LIDAR validation work. In addition, they were able to acquire NGS-compliant data at several of the benchmarks that NGS needs for the Mariana Terrestrial Reference Frame of 2022 (MATRF2022) – all while lugging […]

Lynker Team Helps Ocean Planners With Easy to Read Reports

Get an easy-to-read report to learn what’s happening in your area of the ocean! A new tool from @MarineCadastre, OceanReports, includes descriptive infographics and supporting data for use in offshore planning, permitting, environmental review, and more. Lynker team members provided support throughout the creation and release of the tool. See it here: https://marinecadastre.gov/oceanreports/@-10737743.881037742,4753280.983019757/4 

Lynker Helps Ensure Online Training Reaches Record Number of Registrants

Lynker is actively engaged in bringing @NOAA Digital Coast’s Using Flood Exposure Maps webinar to a record number of participants. (Click here for more information: https://coast.noaa.gov/digitalcoast/training/flood-exposure.html) This training connects communities with an expert to hear their experience with engaging stakeholders in discussions about hazards and risks.  The rising costs and dangers associated with coastal flooding are […]

Lynker’s Hideyo Hattori Featured in NOAA Ocean Podcast

Lynker’s Hideyo Hattori, who serves as site liaison for the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation and Coastal Zone Management programs in American Samoa, recently gave a talk on the Fa’a Samoa (“The Samoan Way”) and the amazing diversity and ecological richness of this remote archipelago. https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/podcast/dec18/nop21-american-samoa.html Lynker proudly serves as the lifecycle vendor for the NOAA […]

Lynker Promotes Fishing for Energy at APP Conference

Lynker scientist and ESA specialist Sarah Pautzke presented on Fishing for Energy at the Association of Pacific Ports (APP) annual conference held in Portland, OR in July 2019. Fishing for Energy is a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF.org) initiative designed to help repurpose marine debris collected voluntarily by commercial and recreational fishermen into useful, sustainable, […]

Lynker Removes Invasive Alien Algae off a Coral Reef

Lynker removes invasive alien algae off a coral reef in Maunalua Bay, Oahu  Lynker has partnered with non-profit stewardship organization, Mālama Maunalua (MM), to remove several species of invasive alien algae (IAA) in Maunalua Bay. Mālama Maunalua has continuously monitored the IAA: Gorilla Ogo, Leather Mudweed, and Prickly Seaweed, in the Paiko Restoration Area to […]