Mission, Vision, and Values


Lynker’s mission is to create innovative science and technology that helps us understand, sustain, and intelligently leverage our world’s natural resources. 


Our vision is to be the company that customers want to work with, and the one employees want to work for.


Our core values are to produce work that meets the highest standards of excellence, conducted in a collegial, collaboration-driven environment where integrity, competence, and cross-organization support are the hallmarks.

Work Life Balance

We focus on putting the right people in the right place to be effective.  And having the right people is critical for success.

Our streamlined organization enables and empowers our talented professionals to tackle our customers’ scientific and technical priorities – creatively and effectively. Lynker offers a team-oriented work environment, competitive salaries and benefits, and the opportunity to work in a culture of exceptionally skilled and diverse professionals who embrace sound science and creative solutions.

Community Involvement – Giving Back

At Lynker, we are more than just a business.

Lynker recognizes that there are a number of reasons why a business decides to do good by giving back.

We understand that a culture of giving motivates our employees to join and stay at Lynker. It also motivate our customers and partners to work with us to achieve goals above and beyond the financial bottom line.

We have an authentic connection to the charities directly related to the science and technology we support. From coast to coast, we are actively involved in community outreach and public service that makes a difference in the lives of those we help in over 25 US states and territories.


  • I will serve my clients with integrity, competence, independence, objectivity, and professionalism.
  • I will mutually establish with my clients realistic expectations of the benefits and results of my services.
  • I will only accept assignments for which I possess the requisite experience and competence to perform and will only assign staff or engage colleagues with the knowledge and expertise needed to serve my clients effectively.
  • Before accepting any engagement, I will ensure that I have worked with my clients to establish a mutual understanding of the objectives, scope, work plan, and fee arrangements.
  • I will treat appropriately all confidential client information that is not public knowledge, take reasonable steps to prevent it from access by unauthorized people, and will not take advantage of proprietary or privileged information, either for use by me, the client’s firm, or another client, without the client’s permission.
  • I will avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of such and will immediately disclose to the client circumstances or interests that I believe may influence our judgment or objectivity.
  • I will offer to withdraw from a consulting assignment when I believe our objectivity or integrity may be impaired.
  • I will refrain from inviting an employee of an active or inactive client to consider alternative employment without prior discussion with the client.

Fiscal Integrity

  • I will agree in advance with a client on the basis for fees and expenses and will charge fees that are reasonable and commensurate with the services delivered and the responsibility accepted.
  • I will not accept commissions, remuneration, or other benefits from a third party in connection with the recommendations to a client without that client’s prior knowledge and consent, and I will disclose in advance any financial interests in goods or services that form part of such recommendations.

Public & Professional

  • If within the scope of our engagement, I will report to appropriate authorities within or external to the client organization any occurrences of malfeasance, dangerous behavior, or illegal activities.
  • I will respect the rights of consulting colleagues and consulting firms and will not use their proprietary information or methodologies without permission.
  • I will represent the profession with integrity and professionalism in our relations with my clients, colleagues, and the general public.
  • I will not advertise our services in a deceptive manner nor misrepresent or denigrate individual consulting practitioners, consulting firms, or the consulting profession.
  • If I perceive a violation of the Code, it will be reported to the President of Lynker who will take corrective actions as appropriate.


Lynker works hard to foster a positive working relationship with all our employees, and strive first and foremost to pay people fairly. We audit our records at least annually to verify our  salaries are competitive in the marketplace. We also encourage a workplace where employees are comfortable approaching management or HR personnel with questions or observations about salaries or working conditions. We actively help employees understand their salary ranges and job potential, and teach them how additional skills, training or certifications could possibly affect their growth within our company. We also provide online resources and training for managers so they are aware of labor rulings and know how to respond to employees’ questions and requests. Finally, we have an established and clear complaint resolution procedure that allows employees to be heard and issues settled fairly and rationally for all parties involved.