Announcing the New Lynker

Leesburg VA, December 18th, 2018: Lynker, a leader in solutions in geospatial, information technology, marine and coastal science, hydrology, conservation, and business process improvement, has rolled out a comprehensive re-branding initiative to reinvigorate the company’s image. The new branding, which is inclusive of all aspects of the brand’s visual identity, serves to strengthen Lynker’s vision: to be the company that customers want to work with, and the one employees want to work for.

Lynker was founded in 2007 and has continuously increased and updated its service offerings to match the rapidly changing needs of our customers. Looking forward, leadership has made several changes to better communicate Lynker’s identity, and position us to continue growth in the future:

  • Name – Lynker has changed our name away from Lynker Technologies, conveying our move to a more streamlined, contemporary brand. The shortened name serves to emphasize our role in serving as “the missing link,” bringing sophisticated solutions to our clients with our highly interconnected, communicative teams.
  • Branding – As we continue to build upon Lynker’s success, our corporate brand becomes more important. Our bold, modern new look highlights our industry expertise, with colors that communicate our work both in the natural world and the IT space. Further, the brand was built to communicate a culture of professional, highly-capable team members who understand how to navigate solutions on an individualized basis.
  • Logo – The Lynker brand refresh undertakes the big task of conveying who we are in a glance. With a commanding uppercase “L” follow by soft lowercase lettering, we wanted to convey strong leadership with an approachable feel. The blocks in our original logo have been condensed to symbolize a closer connection between them. As the bubbles of a fish, the markers on a GIS map, or the parts of an IT solution, our new logo is Lynker through and through.
  • Website – We have relaunched as From colors to content, every corner of the site has been updated to reflect the look and feel of the new brand. The site was designed as an informational resource for all to enjoy, be they a potential employee, a potential client, or someone who just wants to learn more about what we do.

About Lynker

Lynker specializes in environmental consulting, scientific and technical services, and enterprise IT. Our continually expanding team operates in 18 states and stretches across every time zone in the Continental US and Pacific Islands. We combine scientific and engineering expertise with mature, results-driven processes and tools to achieve technically sound, cost effective solutions in geospatial, marine ocean, and coastal science and information, water and environmental resources, and integrated technology services. Lynker is a certified HUBZone business with offices in Leesburg VA, Boulder CO, and Oahu HI.